Bernie Journey was born Bernard Journey in Cleveland, Ohio and raised within earshot of great rock 'n' roll. Primarily a painter while in school, Journey was introduced to some of his favorite artists and earliest influences, including George Michael, Madonna, and Prince through local radio. These performers presented him with a style he could run with, and he soon began supplementing his painting with piano lessons and found making music more challenging and less isolating.

Bernie shares a distinction with Lady Gaga of working on his first recordings and EP with music producer Joe Vulpis (“Say A Prayer”). The songs from these sessions were compiled along with additional tracks produced by Dave "The Rave" Rickard (“Jump In & Out of My Love”), to form Bernie Journey's eponymous debut album. Bernie teamed up with jazz pianist and world music producer Dave Ahl for his sophomore album release The World in the Eye of the Beholder, revisiting his dance-pop style, but with a new sense of growth and maturity as an artist. The album's recurring message of viewing life from a positive inspirational perspective resonated well with listeners. The album spawned two singles: "Everything" and "A Better Life."

Mr. Journey continues to release a steady string of dance music singles, including "Patience with My Heart" (2016), “Bitch Must Go” (2017), and "Control Of Me" (2018). He looks forward to releasing new music in 2019. The Journey continues…